Facial treatments

  • New energy for a radiant complexion

  • Women’s facial treatments

    Adjusted to your skin type, these treatments provide you with freshness and vitality. Gentle cleaning, exfoliation, face masks and finishing treatments.

    Flawless complexion

    This medical beauty treatment provides proven results with highly concentrated, patented cocktails of active ingredients that improve the quality of your skin and minimize flaws and refining your complexion. Incl. face, neck and décolleté pampering massage. The result – radiant, clear skin and a perfect complexion.

    75 Minutes / Euro 125,-
    Maritime Freshness Kick

    A mixture of pure, micro-ground seaweed combined with a highly concentrated serum tailored to your skin’s needs to give you supple, delicate skin. Natural algae balances, remineralises and moistens – exactly what your skin longs for.

    55 Minutes / Euro 95,-

  • Maritime treatments for an immediately visible result

  • Women’s special treatments

    Marine peeling special treatment

    Intensive skin changes through maritime high-tech cosmetics for a visible skin renewal effect. Natural – effective – innovative!

    55 Minutes / Euro 108,-
    NEW! Marine peeling special treatment short
    40 Minutes / Euro 79,-
    Revitalizing treatment with 3 sessions: 10 % discount on the total price
    Intensive treatment with 6 sessions: 20 % discount on the total price

  • NEW! Micro needling (incl. phial of active ingredients)

  • Micro needling is a successful treatment for stimulating the skin’s regeneration process in the long term. By triggering a natural rejuvenation process, the skin’s structure is strengthened and firmed and any aesthetic skin problems improved in the long term.

    Benefits of micro needling: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, mature skin is regenerated, improvement of all types of scars, lightening of pigmentation, enlarged pores are minimised and appearance of skin improved

    60 Minutes / Euro 138,-
    Partial treatment Needling
    25 Minutes /  Euro 75,-

  • NEW! Fresh eyes

  • Regenerating eye treatment incl. eyebrow correction

    Particularly for under eye bags, dark circles, tired and dry skin around the eyes and fine lines.

    30 Minutes / Euro 52,-

  • NEW! Cosmetic teeth whitening

  • Get your smile back!

    Nothing beats a gleaming white smile without unsightly discolouration caused by food or drink. Unattractive discoloured teeth can also lead to the person affected feeling restricted or disadvantaged in their communication with others. The cosmetic do-it-yourself teeth whitening by SMILE SPA is particularly effective for discolouration caused by coffee, tea, tobacco, curry and red wine.

    Easy to use yourself, removes discolouration caused by food, from 20 minutes application time, teeth whitening without peroxide, completely pain free and gentle.

    20 Minutes / Euro 49,-
    40 Minutes / Euro 69,-


    Smile Spa Do-It-Yourself-Method®: teeth bleaching (removal of discolouration caused by food or drink) is a do-it-yourself treatment. We provide the necessary materials, equipment and premises. The gel does not contain hydrogen peroxide, is purely cosmetic and not harmful for the gums or enamel (Attachment III, Point 12 of REGULATION (EC) 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, current version). There is no photochemical reaction in use. We are not dentists, the Smile Spa Do-It-Yourself Method® is not a substitute for regular dental check-ups with your dentist.

  • It's a man's world

  • Men’s facial treatment

    This soothing facial treatment, tailored to your skin type, refreshes, vitalises and regenerates. The highlight of this indulgent treatment is the head massage, which will improve your concentration. Treat yourself to some downtime!

    55 Minutes / Euro 95,-

Facial treatment for men - Evelyn's Beauty Spa Sölden
Facial treatments, iBeauty (© Laboratoire Thalgo) | Evelyn's Beauty Spa Sölden
Facial treatments, iBeauty (© Laboratoire Thalgo) | Evelyn's Beauty Spa Sölden
New offer
Facial treatments, iBeauty (© Laboratoire Thalgo) | Evelyn's Beauty Spa Sölden
  • iBeauty® – innovative new technology to help you look your absolute best

  • Experience a completely new kind of facial treatment with iBeauty®!

    The innovative anti-aging facial treatments from Laboratoire Thalgo visibly enhance the texture and resistance of your skin using state-of-the-art technology and a special blend of high quality products made with Sève Bleue from the Oceans and hyaluronic acid! The ultrasonic waves transmitted into the skin by sensors ensure an intensive stimulation of the skin cells’ metabolism. Tripolar radio frequencies use heat to tone, tighten and plump up the skin – aesthetic medicine’s newest method that will make your skin glow!

    Rehydrating treatment

    Emergency treatment for dehydrated skin in only 50 minutes – hyaluronic acid, SÈVE BLEUE and encapsulated oxygen help skin retain its elasticity and moisture.

    50 Minutes / Euro 102,-
    Treatment for younger looking skin

    This high tech 50 minute-long treatment which uses radio frequencies is a real fountain of youth for the skin. It firms, sculpts and plumps the contours of your face for a more youthful appearance.

    50 Minutes / Euro 108,-
    Anti-wrinkle treatment

    This 50 minute treatment combines ultrasonic and radio frequencies to reanimate the skin’s own processes of regeneration, to smooth over the skin and to soften the appearance of wrinkles.

    50 Minutes / Euro 108,-
    Soothing treatment

    This SOS treatment will soothe sensitive skin in just 40 minutes using low and dual-frequency ultrasonic waves. It is the ideal treatment for skin prone to Rosacea.

    40 Minutes / Euro 79,-
    Partial treatment radio frequencies and ultrasonic waves
    25 Minutes /  Euro 72,-
    Special offer – valid for all iBeauty® treatments:
    Revitalizing treatment with 3 sessions: 10 % discount on the total price
    Intensive treatment with 6 sessions: 20 % discount on the total price


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