Manicure & Pedicure

Indulgent programme

for your hands & feet

Give yourself, your hands and feet a little break from everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of beauty. Accentuate your style – your nails will shine like new!

  • For beautiful hands

  • Beautiful, perfectly groomed hands help you make the best first impression. That’s the reason some people consider them a “business card”.


    Give your hands the appearance they deserve!
    Classic manicure with nail shaping, cuticles care and skin care. (clear nail polish included)

    Euro 39,-
    • Hand peeling Euro 3,-
    • Colour polish Euro 9,-
    • Gel polish Euro 23,-

  • Paraffin bath

  • Intensive care for damaged hands

    The paraffin bath is an extremely pleasant heat treatment for your hands. Through its special composition, the wax can store the heat particularly well.

    It relieves joint and muscle pain, strengthens the elasticity of the skin and makes dry and dehydrated skin silky smooth.

    Euro 22,-

  • UV gel polish

  • Perfect nails for up to 3 weeks!

    An instantly dry, scratchproof and shining manicure, which strengthens and protects the natural nails, quick and gentle to remove with no damage to the natural nails. A perfect look for finger and toe nails in different fashionable colours.

    Only in combination with manicure or pedicure!

    • UV gel polish Euro 23,-
    • French UV gel polish Euro 27,-

  • For beautiful feet

  • Our feet carry us through our entire life. This is all the more reason to care for your feet regularly, to help them stay healthy, beautiful and well-groomed.

    Individual pedicure

    I want you to have happy feet!
    Individual pedicure with foot bath, nail shaping, cuticle care and skin care. (clear nail polish included)

    Euro 49,-
    • Colour polish Euro 9,-
    • Gel polish Euro 23,-
    Wellness pedicure

    This wellness pedicure with footbath, exfoliation, nail care and a finishing massage is an all-round feel-good treatment for your feet! (clear nail polish included)

    Euro 58,-
    Special pedicure for foot problems

    Treatment of ingrown nails, corns, thick nails and excessive calluses and pressure points.

    Euro 53,-

  • Nail correction (nail brace)

  • The “Orthonyxie brace” (nail brace) is a nail technique which is used for ingrown and rolled toe nails. The goal of the treatment is to lift the lateral nail edges until the nail has reached its flat, broad shape.

    New nail brace Euro 46,- each
    Brace replacement Euro 17,-
    Prosthetic nails Euro 15,- each


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