• Balanced state of mind

  • Back, neck and head massage

    Relieve tension and let your inner energy run free again. A palpable energy source – especially for people who are perhaps over thinkers. A feeling of true mental well-being!

    45 Minutes / Euro 65,-

  • Intense scent experience

  • Scented candle massage

    Activating, balancing or calming scents accompany you as you drift into deep relaxation with warm massage wax and harmonious massage techniques. Warm moments – individual and cosy!

    55 Minutes / Euro 82,-

  • Moment of calm

  • Lymphatic drainage for the face

    Fluid and rhythmic massage which relieves blockages. Soothing moments with a relaxing effect!

    25 Minutes / Euro 48,-

  • Exhilaration

  • Partial body massage

    With special aromatic oils for the legs, back, or shoulder and neck – tailored to your specific needs!

    25 Minutes / Euro 45,-

  • Unbelievable energy

  • Head massage

    A balancing and stimulating massage which relieves tension, increasing concentration and bringing your inner spirit to life.

    25 Minutes / Euro 48,-

  • Peace and Harmony

  • Face, decolleté and neck massage

    A wonderful, relaxing face décolleté massage with intensively soothing neck massage, leaving you walking on air.

    25 Minutes / Euro 45,-

  • Spiced pampering indulgence

  • Herbal stamp massage

    Targeted relief of muscle tension, soothing effect on back and neck pain, relaxing and invigorating effect in times of stress, help with rheumatic complaints.

    Neck and back
    25 Minutes / Euro 58,-
    Full body
    60 Minutes / Euro 92,-


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